The Universe holding a life and the death watching it from somewhere.
Universe holding the life and the death watching from somewhere.

Yesterday, I was upset and today I am okay — meaning — I accepted the problem I am dealing with and I know I will find a solution, somehow.

Life is not easy. Not at all. And life seems to be the worst when a human tries to understand it…

Hello everyone! Welcome to my writing page. Before I start I want to thank those who are investing their time in reading my first writing on Medium.

I am Nikhat Shaikh, a compicated human who is very much into writing. I am an author of the book called The Celestial…

Photo by Tirza van Dijk on Unsplash

It’s rare, these days, to find a pure heart. I don't know how to explain. Sometimes, greed just overtakes our heart and mind, and by the time we realize it, we become a complete mess, unacceptable.

But the best thing is — you realized. Sooner or later. …

The poetry here is just some raw thoughts of a girl who wants to taste freedom.

It’s 1:32 am.

So many crying, under the blankets.
So many giggling, under the blankets.
So many writing poetry
So many making memories
So many falling apart
So many becoming stronger

These pictures made…

Nikhat Shaikh

Author, writer, youtuber and a reader. Very Cautious about mental health. Loves animals more than humans. Always preferring peace over other's shit!

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