Hello everyone! Welcome to my writing page. Before I start I want to thank those who are investing their time in reading my first writing on Medium.

I am Nikhat Shaikh, a compicated human who is very much into writing. I am an author of the book called The Celestial Darkness which is a collection of modern poetry based on mental health, love, breakdowns, healing, and self-love.

I am a reader. Most of the non-readers around me think that one day I’ll go mad because I read way too many books. Honestly, that doesn't make sense to me. As a reader, I had no one to talk around about the books and so I ended up creating a Youtube Channel named Nikhat’s Booktube. Now, I make reviews there.

That’s my picture taken while making my youtube video.

I do have other hobbies like yoga, gardening, and reading as much as I can about mental health. Mental health is something I prioritize.

My writing here will be based on a lot of emotions and sometimes it will be about books too.

I hope I haven't bored you guys. Tbh, I’m still feeling anxious but that’s the thing I fight with every single day. You all can connect with me through my email account: nikhatalways@gmail.com

Thank you again.

Author, writer, youtuber and a reader. Very Cautious about mental health. Loves animals more than humans. Always preferring peace over other's shit!